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Fresh mango is relatively high in natural sugar compared with other fresh fruits menu, containing over 22 grams per cup (165 grams).

You might think this could be worrisome for people living with metabolic conditions like diabetes. Or for those who are trying to limit their sugar intake.

However, no evidence suggests that. Eating fresh mango leads to diabetes or is unhealthy for people with this condition UFABET

In fact, many studies have even linked a higher intake of fresh fruit with a lower risk of diabetes overall.

Not much research has examined the specific relationship between fresh mango and diabetes.

However, one study did find that people who added 10 grams of freeze-dried mango to their diet every day for 12 weeks. Experienced significant improvements in blood sugar levels.

Another recent study concluded that consuming fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C and carotenoids could help prevent the onset of diabetes. Mango is high in both these nutrients. So it may provide similar benefits, though more research is needed.

Still, because mango is high in natural sugars. It has the potential to cause a spike in your blood sugar levels if you eat too much at one time.

Thus, it may still be best to consume mango in moderation. Meaning a typical portion size of about 1 cup (165 grams) at a time. It may also help to pair it with other foods that are rich in fiber and protein. As this may help limit blood sugar spikes.