Types of pai gow poker.

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The basic version of pai gow poker has even fewer betting options than Casino Hold’em. Which was created as a stripped-down version of Texas Hold’em. In Casino Hold’em, you make mandatory Ante and Raise bets and an optional Bonus bet. Pai gow only demands that you make the initial Ante wager. Having said that, you may find a Bonus bet at some pai gow tables. As well as a (much-rarer) seven-card Fortune wager.

To summarise, here are all the possible betting options in pai gow poker:

 Ante – this is a bet required to play.

 Bonus – this is a side bet on whether you’ll get a Three of a Kind or stronger hand.

 Fortune – another side bet on the value of a seven-card hand.

In general, if you want to play the Fortune side bet, you’ll need to find a variant of the game called Fortune Pai Gow. This wager actually has a different form at offline casinos, where it is associated with progressive jackpots. There’s also an Envy bonus that’s related to the Fortune bet at land-based casinos:

 Envy – paid if somebody else at the table has a Four of a Kind hand or better.UFABET 

Obviously, in online modes, with only the player and dealer taking part. The Envy bet isn’t relevant. Resorts in New York State, California and Washington have know to offer it to visitors. However. Be warned – experts actually advise against placing any side bets at all in pai gow. As they give diminishing returns due to the enormous house edge applied (up to 8% for Fortune).

As a final point, side bets are usually paid out (or lost) regardless of whether you managed to beat the dealer or not.