Tips on how to play Dragon Tiger to win.

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Besides how to play dragon tiger Basic online that even a beginner can play within 5 minutes. You will notice that there is a way to play that is very similar to the game of baccarat. But what is equally important is Tips for playing for a higher chance of winning. Or it can be called the Dragon Tiger game formula that is the hardest to lose .

Dragon tail card layout

Refers to the form of cards that either side wins in many consecutive eyes. If you notice in the table, you will find that it looks like a single color elongated like a dragon. For example, a tiger, a tiger, a tiger, a tiger, a tiger. The chance that the next stick will come out “Tiger” is very high.UFABET

Table tennis card layout

The pattern of the alternating cards wins between the two sides. If you observe in the table, you will find that it looks like this: Tiger, Dragon, Tiger, Dragon, Tiger, Dragon, Tiger. The chance that the next eye will come out “Dragon” is very high.

Using mathematical principles

The last tip that comes together is using mathematical principles to calculate Normally, the game uses 5 – 6 decks of cards, indicating that there will be approximately 20 or more odd numbered cards than even numbers. First, choose a table that has not been dealt cards before. Then count each open card. If an even-numbered card is issued, +1 point, but if an odd-numbered card is drawn, -1 point, when the total score is greater than 10, odd-numbered bets can be made.

All this is a simple way to play Tiger Dragon online game. Even if a beginner can play, it’s not a problem, suitable for those who already like baccarat games as the original capital. I just want to open up new experiences in playing online casinos only. More importantly, we also come with a formula for success in playing with techniques. Catch the dragon tiger card which can increase the chances of winning to more than 70%