Saudi team paid £800,000 to offer Bernardo.

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The Saudi club have offered £800,000-a-week wages to persuade Bernardo Silva to leave the league. Representatives from the Saudi government, responsible for developing the football league. Were looking for top players across Europe. One of them, Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva is on the list and is a key target.

However, talks have not progressed as the 28-year-old has no interest in moving to the Saudi Arabian league. 

The latest report from the Daily Star reveals that. The government team has proceeded with an offer of £800,000 a week for the Portugal international midfielder. By believing that the club. That will be the destination of the player is Al Hilal UFABET

However, it is likely that Bernardo will turn down the offer and continue playing in Europe. In addition, it was reported last week that Manchester City are preparing to award a new contract to consider.

Bernardo has also attracted interest from Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona. B​ut it seems that the main problem is the transfer fee because City set a high price.

In the past, Bernardo has been linked with Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona who are interested in grabbing the army. But because the price of the player is as high as 60 million pounds. “You threw me” then chose Ilkay Gundogan teammates to join the army without a representative.

However, although Bernardo will play an important role in helping the army “The Blues” has had a lot of success. But he is not in the team’s top 10 highest paid players. Plus, at the same level as Calvin Phillips, the team players are rarely even used. That is why the players want to move the club from Saudi Arabia. which is ready to give high wages as a temptation to attract players in another way