Redknapp gives 3 through Bradley.

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Jamie Redknapp, Sky Sports analyst praises the rise of young right-back Conor Bradley in the Liverpool camp in the first round of the Carabao Cup semi-final. Defeating Fulham 2 -1 is considered passing the test. It would help relieve Trent Alexander-Arnold from now on.

Bradley got to play as a starter in place of ‘TAA’ who had a knee injury and had to rest for 2-3 weeks. And it appeared that his performance was outstanding. Until he won the best player position in the game at Anfield yesterday from the fans’ vote ‘Red Swan’ ทางเข้า UFABET

Looking at it from the eyes of former Liverpool captain Redknapp. He is delighted for his former agency who was able to push another product from the academy up. 

One Liverpool member from the ‘Spice Boys’ era said:

“They just dug up one thing a few weeks ago and it was Conor Bradley.”

“What they need to do is look for a right-back to make sure they can push Trent into midfield.” 

“Personally, I’ve felt that way for years: when will he release things. What style will they come out? Because this kid has a lot of energy.” 

“In the first 20 minutes the performance might not be that good. It’s a well to be drilled. But in the second half he was amazing. Liverpool have something really good on their hands.” 

“That kid is another one who intervened to help all the seniors. It is a special option if the team manager wants Trent to step into the full midfield position.”

“Conor picks good moments to add to the game, dribbles well, plays the ball smartly and is confident.” 

The performance of the 20- year-old star yesterday included the most tackles on the field (6 times ). Winning the most duels on the team (9 times ). Calling the most fouls (2 times ), bringing the ball back for possession the most on the team (6 time )