Choose your favorite sunscreen for the hot summer. Protect beautiful skin

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Choose your favorite sunscreen for the hot summer. Protect beautiful skin, say goodbye to dull skin.

 It’s almost summer. But the sun in our country is still hot every day. Applying sunscreen has become very important in everyday life. Must definitely not forget. You also need to carry sunscreen with you to apply during the day. It’s almost summer. Girls who are afraid of dull skin from the sun Afraid of applying sunscreen and making your face greasy Don’t know what kind of sunscreen to choose to protect your skin effectively? Let me tell you, girls. Definitely won’t be disappointed. Because we have good tips for you about applying sunscreen in the summer, no gray, no greasy, extremely comfortable skin. Introducing a new sunscreen from Garnier, light but protecting the skin up to 99%*. Ready to challenge the sun this summer for sure.

Properties of sunscreen

     Sunscreen is a product that is applied to the skin. including face sunscreen and body sunscreen This sunscreen has properties that help protect the skin from direct sunlight. Helps reduce wrinkles, dark spots, sun blemishes, sun freckles, and in addition, sunscreen also has properties that help nourish the skin. From various types of sunlight Can help with slowing down the skin. Make the face younger Remain flexible Adds moisture to the skin as well.

Why must you apply sunscreen?

     Sunscreen is considered a necessity in daily life. Because we have to face sunlight almost every day. In sunlight, there are ultraviolet rays or UV rays that cause สมัคร ufabet the creation of melanin pigment that makes the face have a darker skin color. And may cause skin cancer as well. In addition to sunlight, there is also light from computer screens. Mobile phone screens that can cause the face to become darker. have premature wrinkles Exposure to these lights for a long time It also has many other negative effects, so sunscreen is an item that must not be missing from your dressing table. Definitely from the girls’ bags. 

Tricks for applying sunscreen in the summer Keep your skin beautiful and clear all day.

     Applying sunscreen correctly will help protect the skin effectively. Girls must understand how to apply sunscreen. and choose to suit your own skin type In addition, you can choose to use sunscreen according to the activities you do each day. So you can choose the right SPF value, but it’s almost summer. Today I will secretly tell the girls. How should I apply sunscreen so that my skin doesn’t get damaged? But you will get beautiful skin instead. There are tips for applying sunscreen as follows: 

Choose sunscreen with a high SPF value. 

     Choosing sunscreen in the summer is recommended. Choose a high SPF value for effective skin protection. In fact, sunscreen has many SPF values, from SPF15 to SPF50. You should choose the highest SPF, like SPF50, because it helps protect against UVB rays. good and most effective Definitely protects girls’ beautiful skin in the summer.

Apply sunscreen about 15 minutes before going out into the sun. 

     Many ladies may overlook applying sunscreen before going out in the sun, but it’s actually very important to help protect our beautiful skin. Applying sunscreen should be spaced out 15-30 minutes beforehand. Going out in the sun Allow the cream to be completely absorbed into the skin. and ready to do our part in protecting our skin from the sun Because in the summer you may sweat more than usual. Waiting for the sunscreen to be absorbed will help the sunscreen last longer, not runny, not greasy.    

Apply sunscreen in an amount of 2 fingertips. 

     The amount of sunscreen applied is sunscreen for the hot summer equally important. Because applying too little sunscreen makes it insufficient to nourish the skin. and protect the skin from sunlight The secret to applying sunscreen in the summer is Use sunscreen in an amount of 2 fingertips, or the equivalent of a ten baht coin. Experts recommend that this is the most appropriate amount. And just to effectively protect the skin from the sun. 

Reapply sunscreen during the day. 

     Which ladies still apply sunscreen only once a day? This summer, try adding in the steps of applying sunscreen during the day. I can guarantee that sunscreen for the hot summer your skin will be beautiful. will be taken care of and fully protected for sure Reapplying sunscreen throughout the day is like adding a protective barrier to your skin. Because sunscreen is usually most effective in the 2-3 hours after application. Applying sunscreen during the day is another way to protect your skin from the sun.