5 drinks cure sleepiness besides “coffee”

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5 drinks cure sleepiness besides “coffee”

Who can’t drink coffee? But I want to get rid of sleepiness while driving, working or reading. Try these drinks.

Coffee is a popular drink for many people. People need energy Energetic, energetic, relieves sleepiness, but many people may not be used to ufabet https://ufabet999.app the bitter taste of coffee. or unable to resist the effects of caffeine in coffee You may drink and feel shaky, unable to sleep, your hands trembling, or have other symptoms.

In times when you need to be energized, refreshed, and fully awake, if coffee is not an option. What can we drink to keep us feeling refreshed for several hours?

Drinks to relieve sleepiness besides “coffee”


If you can’t stand the amount of caffeine in coffee? But still want the effect of caffeine to help you feel refreshed and not sleepy, tea is a good option. And there are a variety of drinks to choose from. Whether it’s clear brewed tea like green tea, oolong tea, rice tea or tea with milk like Thai tea, green tea with milk, etc.


It is another drink that also contains caffeine. But the amount is not as much as coffee. People who are sensitive to caffeine may choose to drink something that isn’t too strong. You can also choose the level of sweetness you like.

fruit juice mixed with soda

The one that gives you a refreshing feeling is soda, but soda alone may not have a taste. The flavor can be enhanced by adding or mixing fruit juice. Or maybe it’s your favorite flavor of sweet water as well. But you should balance the amount between fruit juice or sweet water and soda carefully. If the fruit juice or sweet water is too much more than soda, It may make the machine not as refreshing as you think.

soft drink

Some people may not really know. And in soft drinks there is caffeine mixed in as well. In addition to caffeine, there is also soda that gives a tingling sensation to our tongues when we drink it. Plus, it’s inexpensive and easy to buy. If anyone is concerned about the amount of sugar There is also an option for a recipe without added sugar.


If you are concerned about the sugar content of any type of drink. Unlike an Americano, you can drink it without worrying about calories. You can also turn to drinking plain water instead. Tips for drinking water to relieve sleepiness That is, sip little by little but often, and if you put it in a cold glass, it will help keep it cool for a longer time. Or you can thinly slice a few lemons into the pan. It can help add freshness and a mild, fragrant taste to water as well.